I like the seriousness of this NPP government – Franklin Cudjoe

Policy analyst and Chief Executive Officer of Imani Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, has praised the NPP government’s seriousness to validate its claim of having delivered or being on track to deliver at least 72% of its manifesto promises.

Writing on his Facebook wall, Cudjoe expressed his admiration for the government’s effort to validate their records at a cabinet meeting held earlier in the week.

“I like the seriousness of this government,” Franklin Cudjoe wrote on his Facebook wall.

“Joy FM reports that a cabinet meeting is underway to validate the Presidency’s 72% rating of its achievement.”

The policy analyst added that his understanding was that just a few sector ministry had worked to compile the evidence, adding that a number of senior government officials were to see the evidence for the first time, at last Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting.

“Apparently, only a section of the government had worked on compiling the evidence , so a significant number of cabinet members will be seeing the evidence for the first time tonight.

The governing NPP has insisted it has either delivered or is delivering (i.e on track with) at least 72% of its promises and the government has assured it will provide evidence to back the claim soon.

Earlier in the week, President Akufo-Addo launched the maiden edition of the Results Fair, whose purpose is to provide an avenue for the receipt of first-hand information and feedback from beneficiaries about the success or otherwise of government programs, as well as outline the Akufo-Addo government’s achievements since assuming office in 2017.

The head of Imani Africa has written severally on the NPP’s claim of being on track with 72% of its manifesto promises. While he and his group have given the government a lower achievement ratings, he has, on many occasions on his Facebook page, lauded the NPP government for how it welcomes assessment by agencies outside its remit, as well as how the government is is working to prove its own 72% success claim.


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