I almost picked up a ‘chic’ in Nigeria – Okyeame Kwame

Undoubtedly, Hiplife artiste Okyeame Kwame and his adorable wife Annica are one of the best celebrity couples around.

Their devotion to one another is the envy of many and together with their children serve us family goals all the time.

And that is why it is surprising that at one point the Rap Dacta actually contemplated cheating on his wife.

The couple celebrated their 11th anniversary on Thursday, January 16, and Okyeame Kwame wrote a long romantic but educative post on social media titled ’11 Lessons in 11 Years’ where he shared the lessons he had learnt after being married for that long.

And that is when he revealed that he nearly cheat on Annica. According to him, his attempt to pick up a ‘chic’ in Nigeria inspired his hit song Faithful, which was released in 2016.

He wrote: “Do unto others! My role model for morality and deep spirituality is Jesus Christ. After all He summarized a three-year sermon into two sentences. Love your God and love your neighbour.

“The closest neighbour to you is your spouse. So if u make her cry you have failed this simple spiritual test. My song ‘Faithful’ was birthed in Nigeria when I almost picked up a ‘chic’. Then this concept hit me.

“Then I asked myself if someone is picking my Annica how would I feel? The argument of polygamy and monogamy is laid to rest when love your neighbour is activated effectively.”

This statement validates Annica’s confidence in Okyeame Kwame. In an interview about two years ago to mark their ninth anniversary, Annica told Graphic Showbiz that her husband would never cheat on her. Clearly, she has a good reason for being so confident.


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