How Akrobeto and Efia Odo hilariously mimicked Kan Dapaah on ‘Real News’

The video of National Security minister Albert Kan Dapaah sweet-talking a woman who has now been identified as Chantelle Kujewu triggered mixed reactions from the Ghanaian people after it landed in the public domain.

UTV’s satirical show Real News, aired every Friday evening with actor Akrobeto as the anchor, captured the incident in a humorous manner “bringing the pressure of viewers down” – as always said by the man ‘who knows [nose] tomorrow’.

While casting the news in his usual suit and tie, he had a phone call from his ‘side chick’ Efia Odo, forcing him to go on a commercial break.

Akrobeto after the short break is seen in a pyjamas and his face covered with a cloth – making him have a ninja face. His move, is to hide his identity, just so he is not exposed should Efia Odo film their conversation and leak to the public for reasons best known to her.

“Prevention is better than cure, Efia,” he says.

On Sunday, a footage, which is a video call recorded by Chantelle Kujewu, detailed a lovestruck Kan Dapaah who helplessly takes orders from the lady whose face is not captured in the conversation.

The 66-year-old National Security boss who appeared to be in Europe on assignment was clad in dark-blue dotted pyjamas which he flaunted upon request by the unidentified lady.

“…I want to see your pyjamas. I want to see the front, the back, like the way you did it yesterday… Turn around and let me see it, is it trouser or shorts… raise your leg…” to which the minister obeys without complaint.

Mr. Kan Dapaah who seemed oblivious of the recording threw all caution to the wind requested for a hug from her, adding that a hug from her would ‘immediately put him to sleep’.

Further showing his romantic side, the minister informed her that he was going to take his bath and that they would do that together.

When asked whether he misses her, an enthusiastic minister quickly responded, “Of course, of course!” The conversation ends with Mr. Dapaah professing his love for his ‘bae’.


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