Coronavirus: Don’t panic – Amb. to Ghanaians

Ghana’s Ambassador to China, Mr Edward A. Boateng, has entreated Ghanaians at home and in China not to panic over the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus that has hit the Asian country and begun spreading into other parts of the world.

He further urged Ghanaians in China to be each other’s keeper while following the precautions prescribed by the Chinese government.

Mr Boateng advised Ghanaians in China to take the flu shot once movement restrictions are relaxed or lifted.

He described the situation as a “tough time” for the mission, and urged Ghanaians in China to be strong.

In a statement, Mr Boateng said: “I want to reiterate, however, the need for all not to panic, rather be each other’s keeper and do well to take all the prescribed precautions and also take the flu shot once movement restrictions are relaxed or lifted.
Furthermore, we have reached out to the International Migration Organization and other organizations to see how best to address the issue at hand”.

Mr Boateng urged Ghanaians to follow news updates on the Coronavirus on channels such as CCTV News, BBC, CNN and CGTN, and desist from taking information from unapproved social media sources.

“I would once again want to entreat all, to adhere to the health and safety protocols and to make it a point to follow the news updates on the coronavirus on CCTV News, BBC, CNN and CGTN. Do not take information from unapproved social media sources. Also contact your doctor or known medical personnel if you have any medical worries.
This is, indeed, a tough time for all but we are a strong and determined people and together we shall get through it all.

“We, at the Ghana Embassy, Beijing, take the well-being of all Ghanaians seriously and are monitoring the situation”.

The statement added that Ghana’s mission will be having an emergency meeting with Chinese officials to discuss how they can manage the situation.

“I wish to bring to your notice that on Monday, 27 January 2020, an emergency meeting will be held with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss how we manage the ongoing situation. The African Diplomatic Corps will also meet with the World Health Organization to deliberate on the necessary protocols needed to be taken with regards to the over 4,600 African students in Wuhan and ultimately, all Africans at the epicentre of the virus in Wuhan,” he said.


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