Bole curfew lifted

Residents of Bole in the Northern Region have expressed happiness following the lifting of curfew imposed on the area a year and half ago.

In December 2018, a 10-p.m. curfew was imposed following a chieftaincy dispute.

It affected bars and night eateries.

Farmers could also not spend the night on their farms and market women were also forced to close early.

The curfew also had a toll on church services and activities, especially in the evening.

Residents who flouted the curfew were severely beaten by the police.

Class 91.3FM’s Savanna regional correspondent, Zion Abdul-Rauf, reported that the residents have started going about their normal businesses at night.

“Today, as they have lifted the curfew, it’s going to boost a lot of business activities because we have been in darkness for long, like a prison. I think today, we are a bit relieved, we want to see how the next day will be brighter in terms of business, because that is why some of us are here. We hope that, at least, there will be an improvement in our sales and other activities related to business,” some of the residents said.


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